My first 20 mile run EVER! (32.25KM)

Last Monday I set out with the intentions to go on my long run that I hadn’t done on the weekend. I stuffed myself with some waffles, peanut butter and honey (uhh, why did I think this was a do idea right before a run?) and headed out. I was feeling a bit crazy so I thought it would be a good idea to set my goal high, so I told myself I would do 20 miles. I made it about 8K by the time it was already 8pm and dark and then got frustrated and overwhelmed with the amount that was left to do and went to my boyfriend’s for dinner instead.

I felt frustrated and discouraged and like I had failed, even though I had worked out for an hour in the morning and gone for an 8K run. I realized that it was not a good mind set to beat myself up over it, so I just moved on and tried to feel good about what I had done. The rest of the week I took it kind of easy, I did some Blogilates and went to a Yoga class on Wednesday evening for some much needed stretching.

However, today when I woke up. I knew it was the day! I was motivated and patient and had the day off of work. I had some breakfast (Coffee and toast with Biscoff, yummy!) and set off at around 11am. This was partly because I am not a morning person and partly because my Marathon starts at 11am, so I want to get used to running at that time.

I split the race into 4x8K runs in my mind. One direction 8K, back to the starting point to total 16K, 8K in the other direction, and then 8.25K home. This worked really well for me! It is not an easy thing to make yourself run for 4 hours. I am kind of a slow runner and I have heard that it might not be good to go for so long in a training run, but mentally I had to hit this milestone. For me it was just as big as what I consider the classic long-distance running milestones: 30 minutes nonstop running, 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, 20 miles (32.2KM), Marathon, …


It was painful. It was hot. I was thinking of doing 16KM in one direction and then 16KM back because I realized it was dangerous to make the halfway point be so close to home and that it would take a lot of willpower to push on, but I wasn’t sure about the water fountain situation in the first direction and in the other direction I knew exactly where the water fountains are. I drank a lot of water and basically gave myself a cold shower at each station. I dunked my hat in the water fountain each time and put it back on my head. That helped a lot!

The best sight you can see while running in the heat. Water fountain! Elixir of life!

I was powered by:

Homemade Sports Drink (recipe from Runner’s World) which I carried in my fuel belt.


A fruit bar:


and Sport Gummi! An Austrian chewy candy. πŸ™‚


I am going home (Canada!) on Tuesday so I wanted to do one last long run before the weekend so I could enjoy the weekend without the pressure and off-time that goes along with long runs! My knee is feeling a little “niggly” so I am staying in tonight and resting. I feel very accomplished and happy. I refueled with pizza and ice cream which might not have been the healthiest idea but it was fast and easy and what my body was craving!

Happy long runs to anyone out there who have long runs planned for this weekend!


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