Berlin Marathon Lottery 2016 #PartOfOne42

This month has been difficult. I don’t want to go into too many details but I’ve had a lot to deal with this month. Crossroads that can either make me stronger or feel like a failure. (Yes, I know, this sounds very dramatic.) I’ve realized how important running/physical fitness is to keep you feeling good.

One of the challenges was my “failed” Marathon. It would be easy for me to act all self-pitying and to give up, but instead it has given me inspiration to become fitter! And, of course, to try again. This time giving myself ample time and changing my strategy (less worrying about what gels to eat and more Speed work!!)

So I have entered the “lottery” for the Berlin Marathon 2016! They take 40,000 runners and get about 80,000 applicants. The good thing about the Berlin Marathon is that there is no Half Marathon, so everyone is in it together for the long haul! In the Dreiländer Marathon that I attempted earlier this month, only 289 people did the full Marathon, and I started out in the back!

I’ll find out in December if I’m in or not. Until then, here is an inspirational video!

#PartOfOne42 Berlin 2016!


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