Finding your inspiration.

Sunday Runday! Finding a running group is the best way to get yourself up and running on a foggy Sunday morning!

I need to be inspired in order to be motivated and I think the same goes for most people. I love to be inspired by new things and I am often inspired by other people. I love look to social media for inspiration. With YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogs, etc. etc. the amount of content can be overwhelming, but if you are anything like me, seeing someone post about how great their morning run was or how they managed to squeeze in a swim after an evening run even though they just wanted to curl up in bed often gives me that extra kick that I need to get out there! Instagram can be a great source of inspiration as long as you keep in mind that people’s Instagram accounts are like highlight reels of their lives and you can’t let them get you down if you start to compare your lives with theirs. I find this to be especially “dangerous” with Fitness/Running accounts and also Beauty/Style accounts which are two of my favourite types. (YouTube Beauty Gurus have become my guilty pleasure!)

It also helps to have long-term goals. Speaking of which, I am very happy to announce…


I got a spot in the Berlin Marathon next year! One of the Marathon Majors! In my favourite city that I have been dying to go back to! Woohoo!!

After a less-than-ideal first Marathon attempt, I’m more motivated than ever to rock this one.

What inspires you? 🙂




2 thoughts on “Finding your inspiration.

  1. Hey Jess, I am sorry to hear that you DNF’d in ur first marathon. I am sure u will finish in Berlin. You will never be alone there als there are a lot of slow runners. I wont run Berlin after DNFing for the First time this year. There are a lot of other things to do that also feel very accomplishing. Never Forget that:-)

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