Dreilaender Marathon Training Week Recap – 8 weeks to go!

Here is a re-cap of my training week from August 10th to 16th. I had signed up for a free 7-day trial at a gym that offered a lot of classes, so I made the most of that and went to as many as I could! I ran a little bit less than usual but sometimes that’s a good thing! I also discovered that my arm muscles are very week and that I shouldn’t underestimate how difficult an aerobics class can be!

  • Monday: 15K Run
  • Tuesday: Zumba Class 60 mins/Yoga Stretching Class 90 mins
  • Wednesday: Bodywork Class 60 mins (Aerobics with hand weights)
  • Thursday: Bodyshaping Class 60 mins (Aerobics with a stretch band)
  • Friday: 30 min run and 26km bike ride. (More on this in the next post!)
  • Saturday: Long Run day! 24.2K!
  • Sunday: Rest and Naps and a Street Food Festival

Tomorrow I have booked myself a sports massage and I am sooo excited. I’m going to a lady who specializes in Marathon runners I know it might hurt but I can’t wait to see what kind of knots and wound-up tight muscles I’ve got going on in my legs!


Registered for the Dreiländer Marathon

Dreilaender MarathonAfter two months of training I have finally registered myself for the Dreiländer Marathon on October 4th, 2015. I wanted to put off signing up for as long as possible as I had already signed up for this marathon once three years ago, and didn’t run it. I wanted to see if I could keep my training motivation up for a longer period of time and then I would sign up. I’ve been pretty faithful to my training schedule in the past few months (with maybe a few too many off days here and there and a bit too much ice cream) but I am happy with my progress. It’s amazing to see how your body changes and adapts and gets stronger and leaner!

There are 50 days left to train and I plan on making the most of them! Here is how my week has been so far:

  • Monday: 15K Run
  • Tuesday: Zumba Class/Yoga Stretching Class
  • Wednesday: Bodywork Class (Aerobics with hand weights)
  • Thursday: Bodyshaping Class (Aerobics with a stretch band)

I signed up for a free 7 day trial at Femme Fitness Wien so I’ve been trying out a bunch of different classes this week. They have made me realize how much I love group fitness AND how weak my “non-running” muscles (Arms, ABS, …) are! It’s been nice to take a small break from running-running-running and supplementing my training with other forms of fitness, but this weekend it will be back to business! I’m planning on running 10K later this afternoon once it cools down a bit (unlikely since we are in the middle of a never-ending heatwave here in Vienna!)

Is there anyone out there also training for a Fall Marathon/Half-Marathon/10K/5K race? How’s it going?

Rest and relaxation.

Rest and relaxation. These are two words that are just as important in Marathon training as hills and long runs. (Okay, three words.)

My hill workout yesterday.
My hill workout yesterday.

After pushing it a bit too hard yesterday in the heat, I biked 5km to the base of a giant hill on the edge of Vienna (Kahlenberg), ran/walked up the hill, ran 2km across the top of the hill, walked down and biked 7km into the city. I felt so woozy that I had to cancel a breakfast date with a friend and even found a replacement to teach my class in the afternoon. I drank a ton of water, ate some food and had a wonderful nap. I felt better immediately.

We are currently having a heat wave in Vienna. This does not go well with my marathon training! I really need to be more careful. Early or late runs are on the plan for the next week to avoid the heat!

hot hot hot
Every damn day! I’ll have to remember this when I am freezing in the winter!

After going too hard yesterday, I told myself that today is a REST day. I had to tell myself that it is OKAY to have a rest day. If I’m still feeling a bit bad about it, I just tell myself that it is a part of my training plan. Rest days bring quality into your workouts!

In case you are having a rest day and are feeling a bit restless, you can do the following.

  • Go for a walk. (A nice easy, relaxing walk to get your legs moving a bit.)
  • Go for a swim. (A swim, not a Triathlon!)
  • Take a yoga class.
  • Go for a relaxed bike ride.
  • Get a massage.
  • Meet up with friends you may be seeing less of due to training!

What are your favourite rest day activities?


I’m happy to see that I have some readers! I’m still learning how the blogging world works exactly, but I find it amazing that people can already find my blog through Google searches! I used to have a pretty successful blog about language learning, but I haven’t posted anything in it for a few years.

I’m almost two months into my official marathon training and I am very excited! I am spending my free time checking out running blogs, websites, forums, YouTube videos, reading books and magazines about running, learning as much as possible. This is all good and great until I end up getting tired of it. I know myself. I have always been like this. I get so completely consumed with a pursuit or passion and start to make real progress in it, and then I give up. As a child it was gymnastics, soccer, swimming, environmentalism (I had an Earth Club!), horses, dogs, cats, figure skating, surfing, biking, basketball,… but I never stuck with anything. Part of me wishes that my parents had been a little bit stricter with me when I wanted to quit, but of course it was my decision. They were always very supportive of whatever I wanted to do.

Now I’m into running. Really into running. For the past few years I’ve had periods of being into running and not into running. It always came and went. Now, I am really enjoying my running obsession. It’s my summer project. But in order to make it sustainable, I am making sure to enjoy running and all things running related in balance. I’m making sure to take rest days. I’m meeting friends for a drink. I’m going to the cinema. I’m reading books. (Okay.. some running related ones as well!)

Also with my diet. I had been eating horribly in the past few months. Horribly as in I would go days without seeing a vegetable. Living off of frozen pizza and ice cream, chocolate croissants and muffins. In the past month and a half, I have lost weight and I’m feeling strong. I’ve really found balance in what I eat. I try to eat healthy 80% of the time, but I am not restricting myself. If I want to have some tomato mozzarella stuffed pasta topped with parmesan cheese, I will! But instead of stuffing myself with it, I will make a slightly smaller serving and serve it over a salad so that I get some veggies as well.

If the sun is shining and I’m feeling like a cold treat, I will do this after my run:


There’s a place for everything, and balance is so important. Happy Running and Happy Naschen!

Cross Training of the Week: Blogilates

First and most importantly: I am in no way shape or form an expert on these things. I am writing about my own personal experiences and what has worked and what has not worked for me! Everybody is different and it’s important to know what’s right for you and your body. Please consult experts when it comes to your health and fitness regime!

That being said, something (one of many things) that I neglected in my past experiences when training for a race was cross training. Cross training is basically any sort of physical activity that keeps you active without tiring out your running legs. There are many many things that you can do to cross train, and they can be tons of fun and in my opinion they are (second to the long runs) one of the most important parts of a running/race training schedule.

Something magical has been happening to my body in the last few weeks. Muscles are appearing where muscles have never been before. I have more energy than I have had in a long time. I am excited to work out. And most exciting for me, my running pace is getting faster.


The biggest changes I have made in the past few weeks have been: what I have been eating (more on that later!) and Blogilates.


I have been following Cassey Ho‘s workout plan pretty faithfully since the beginning of June, with some minor adjustments depending on my running schedule (For example, an intense long run + lean leg day = no thanks!) Cassey posts all of her workout videos on Youtube. You will either love or hate her positivity and bubbly personality (this usually depends on which rep of the move you are on), but her workouts are serious business. They are all pretty short so you can mix and match them up as you like depending on which part of your body you want to work on. I usually do 4-5 videos a day. I feel like I am working all of the parts of my body pretty equally and it is REALLY helping my running.

If I have any readers out there, do you supplement your running with Pilates or any similar workouts? I’d love to hear from you!